Bee Bar 2oz

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Honey House Naturals Bee Bar® Large (2oz.) 

  • Honey House Naturals® Bee Bar is picked up and warmed by the hands or skin.
  • The large 2oz Bee Bar is packaged in a distinctive tin
  • Rich in Beeswax, Shea Butter (nature's powerful moisturizer), Lanolin, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E. as well as other natural emollients.
  • the Bee Bar is a customer favorite for its remarkable healing properties.
  • Simply the best solid lotion bar you will ever use.
  • A serious treat for dry, damaged skin
  • A great gift for anyone’s hard-working hands
  • it is handy for home and on the go. 
  • Made in USA

Available in seven fragrances:

  • Aqua Tin -  Meadow - Fresh & Sunny
  • Copper Tin – Hawaiian -Tropical
  • Gold Tin- Vanilla -Warm & Comforting
  • Green Tin – Citrus - Refreshing
  • Lavender Tin - Lavender - Tranquil & relaxing
  • Pink Tin- Sweet Honey - A caress of sweet pleasure
  • Silver Tin - Natural - Beeswax and sweet almond oil
Lotion - Honey House Naturals Bee Bar® Small (.6oz)-A Mom's Attic
Bee Bar Small (.6oz)
$ 8.95
Lotion - Honey House Naturals Bee Bar® - Large 2oz-A Mom's Attic
Bee Bar® - Large 2oz
$ 12.95